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At present as well as in the future, energy plays a key and irrefutable role in our lives. Thus, there is a fast growing effort in the whole world to get the highest benefits from this energy.

Having 130 billion barrels of oil reserves , and 27 TCMs of natural gas, has made Iran the world's forth ranking owner of oil reserves and second owner of gas, totaling to 15% of world’s oil & gas reserves . So, it is both intelligent and essential to survey this matter seriously.

Oil Industry Investment Company is a private entity, which is a leading company in the oil and gas sectors in the Islamic Republic of Iran. OIIC is involved in various aspects of oil & gas activities including field development & rehabilitation, drilling operations, oil & gas exploration, refinery operations, oil & gas installation engineering services, and oil & gas trading. OIIC has played a unique role in developing the Iranian oil industry through the creation and investment in companies, which are involved in that industry.

The sparkling result of this move is to flourish self-esteem of Iranian capable experts and forces.

Although having other activities in road construction , production of oil industry chemical materials, polyethylene compounds , airplane fueling and manufacturing of different types of spare parts used in Gas, CNG and other fields, OIIC now concentrates its main efforts and forces on aforementioned oil activities .

OIIC is a publicly traded legal entity, which is listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange. OIIC's approach to market development has protected its shareholders from undue risk and its record of performance has assured above-average rates of returns.

  1. We hope to be the pioneer of a new move in this industry and by improving our quality of services steadily and standing on our commitments, gain our client's assents and be able to take an impressive step towards this National vocation.

    OIIC Subsidiary Companies
        1. OIC-Qeshm Company
        2. Naftkav Engineering & services Company
        3. Naftgaran Engineering & Services Company (NESCO)
        4.Owj Fueling & AirPort Services Company  
        5. NikNaft Company
        6.Oil Industries Drilling Services Company
        7. Ekbatan Company 
        8. Rah Gostar Naft Company
        9. Shimiyae Naftgostar Company
        10. Petrocom Trading LTD
        11.Baspar Afrand Company
        12.Pak Tank Kish Company
  2. Other Projects

OIIC Subsidiary Companies


The company is involved in investment and services related to the oil sector and infrastructure oil development projects. The company is constructing the Qeshm OIL terminal, which is used for receiving crude oil by, the vessels up to capacity of VLCC'S, Supplying necessary feed for B.A. Refinery at the contract minimum of 300,000 BPD up to 480,000 BPD through an SPM, 3mb storages and 65 km Pipeline. The contract with NIOC is B.O.O. with 140 million US$ investment.

 Naftkav Engineering & services Company

Naftkav is active on upstream projects, which owns drilling rigs. Currently the company is involved in a number of onshore and offshore drilling projects. Naftkav in a joint venture with Sadra has won a 5 years offshore drilling contract worth 180 million US$, and 5 years onshore drilling contract with NIOC Exploration directorate worth of 150,000,000 US$. Its major projects involve offshore drilling in the Salman and South Pars Oil fields

Naftgaran Engineering & Services Company (NESCO)

NESCO is a wholly owned subsidiary,which is involved in exploration, drilling and related services.NESCO has recently been awarded the Masjid Suleiman Field Development Project ("MIS")in partnership whit CNPC.The project is 261,720,000 US$.The project is structured on a buy-back basis.

Owj Fueling & AirPort Services Company

Owj is responsible for air craft fueling at Tehran new airport (IKIA). This contract is for 15 Years which is renewable after ward. Owj has a long term cooperation agreement with British petroleum- BP- as well.

NikNaft Company

The main activities of the company are as follow :

  • Performing all Trading affairs, Oil & Gas Product Swap or Transit on the basis of regulation, purchasing permitted goods from domestic or foreign resources and selling them to domestic and foreign consumers.
  • Accepting representation of foreign companies.
  • Offering representation of selling among domestic and foreign agents.
  • Sharing with other companies through providing or committing to buy the stocks of new companies or through committing the new companies stocks.

Rah Gostar Naft Company

RGN is specialist on road construction, soil stabilizing and cold & hot recycling by using new Technology. So far has stabilized more than 5,000,000 m² of south Pars Energy zone and several major Iranian roads, High ways and Airports

Shimiyae Naftgostar Company

The company is involved in the production of chemicals used by various industries and especially the oil sector. Through a number of strategic partnerships and joint ventures, the company is focused on the domestic production and distribution of various types of chemicals.

 Petrocom Trading LTD

Petrocom is actively involved in oil, gas, chemical, and petrochemical trading activities. Petrocom acts as the trading and commercial arm of OIIC, and is fast developing an ever-increasing market share in its field. Petrocom's aim is to reach new markets and create a network for the distribution of Iranian oil products. Additionally, Petrocom owns 100 specially designed LPG transportable containers.

Pak tank Kish Company 

The company is in a joint-venture agreement with one of the leading Japanese companies (80% Paktank — 20% Japanese) in the field of oil reclaim.

So far the company has reclaimed over 30 storage Tanks ranges from 70,000 b up to 1,000,000 b which have resulted 1,000,000 b of crude oil saving.

 Other Projects

  • Through its other subsidiaries, OIIC is expanding its operations and becoming involved in other projects such as production of derivatives used for drilling, blending of gasoline & motor oil additives, production of PE compounds for pipe and cable coatings, and a number of other related activities.
  • Trading affairs, Oil & Gas Product (Swap or Transit).
  • OIIC is also positioning itself to participate in various oil, gas, and installation engineering projects and tenders in the Persian Gulf region.

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