Rah Gostar Naft Company was established on Oct. 10, 1999 and registered at Tehran Department for Registration of Companies under No. 155544. Presently, Rah Gostar Naft Company is among the subsidiary trading units of Oil Industry Investment Company. 
This Company is domiciled at No. 81, Taheri St., Past Jam-e-Jam St, Valiasr St., Tehran, IRAN. 
Going through great ups and downs and successful implementation of several civil processes across our beloved homeland, Iran, finally thanks to unsparing and valuable efforts of its managers and personnel, this Company has managed to obtain a Certificate in Road and Transportation, 1st Grade from Vice Presidency for Planning and Strategic Supervision (Management and Planning Organization) on Oct. 30, 2011.  
Objectives of the Company 
By virtue of Article 3 of the Articles of Association, objectives of the Company are given as follows:
All tasks of road building and construction, streets and urban freeways, interurban highways, airport runways, hire of updated technology for hot and cold recycle inside and outside the nation, construction tasks, landscaping, township development, large urban equipment of refineries, pipelines and commercial services for import and export of all permissible goods, types of materials and construction equipment, construction machinery, road building, sales and after-sale services, establishment of local and foreign representation, partnership with other local and foreign companies through subscribing the shares of new companies or those of existing companies, carrying out any legal act that is necessary for realization of the objectives of the company directly or indirectly, also obtaining representation of local and foreign companies, carrying out all commercial and trading affairs according to the respective regulations and purchase of permissible goods from local and foreign resources, and sale of the same to local and foreign consumers; on the whole, the Company may conclude financial, trading and industrial transactions which are related to any of the aforesaid objectives directly or indirectly. 
Statement of Mission 
Rah Gostar Naft Company has been established to hire capital, investors and shareholders aiming at providing job opportunities in the field of civil tasks and the corresponding activity to the Company’s articles of association inside and outside the nation. Providing job opportunities and establishing a light structure of high productivity, it will guarantee protection and promotion of value of shareholders. 
Statement of Perspective 
Rah Gostar Naft Company is willing to benefit the updated technology and modern management achievements of management and through development of its lines of activity in different contracting branches and to include the name of this company in top 100 contracting companies in Iran before 2021. 
Statement of value 
Commitment of principle of confidentiality in ethical principles 
Maintenance and qualitative and quantitative promotion of affordable services 
Fulfillment of obligations within a shortest period of the best quality and at low cost 
Customer-orientation through establishment of trust 
Growth and development of the whole company through meritocracy 
Identifying the intra-organizational strong and weak points for promotion of strong points and removing the weak points 
Respecting the personnel through improvement of livelihood 
The future path 
In consideration of the company’s statement of perspective (inclusion among 100 top contracting companies of the nation up to 2021), the Board of Directors of the Company presents short-term and long-term strategies within two “operational” and “business” areas to be approved at annual general assembly of the Company. 
Introducing the Company
Legal form of the company: Private Joint Stock
Number of members of board of directors: Five persons 
Reg. No.: 155544 
National ID No.: 10101982921
Place of registration: Tehran 
TEL: +98-21- 2611998
Shareholders/number of shares/percentage of shares 

Members of Board of Directors



Mahmoud Sedighi Tonekaboni

Oil Industry Investment Co.

Chairman of Board of Directors- Nonobligatory member of Board

Mehdi Velayati

Ekbatan Gas Control CO.

Vice-chairman of Board of Directors- Nonobligatory member of Board

Jamshid Nekouei

Owj Fuel Supply and Airport Services Co.

Managing Director and member of Board- nonobligatory member of Board

Pejman Asadi

Queshm Oil Investment CO.

Member of Board/Nonobligatory member of Board

Mohsen Ghobadi

Nik Naft Commercial Co.

Member of Board/obligatory member of Board


Capital and shareholders of Company 

On its establishment date, this Company owned a sum of 10,000 Million Rials as its capital (consisting of 10,000,000 shares at the par value of 1000 IR Rials per share) which was increased during several stages to a sum of 30,000 Million Rials (consisting of 30,000,000 shares at the par value of 1000 Rials per share) in the fiscal year ending on March 19, 2016. 


Shareholders/number of shares/percentage of shares 


Number of shares

Percentage of shares

Oil Industry Investment Company



Queshm Oil Investment Company



Nik Naft Commercial Company



Ekbatan Gas Control Company



Owj Fuel Supply and Airport Services CO.




Capital changes of company

Percentage of capital increase

Increased amount of capital (Million Rials)

Source of capital increase

Sept. 27, 2015



Shareholders’ claims

Projects of the company which are under progress   
1. Offshore Queshm oil terminal 




Subject of contract 
Supply of materials and goods needed and shipment of the said items and concluding civil operation of seawater reclamation equipment and remaining civil tasks such as construction of floodwater control channels  with the required bridges, fencing the lands surrounding the project (reservation and landfall site), carrying out excavation and earth filling operations of project land (landfall), completion of the remaining buildings consisting of 9 buildings, completion of foundation and bandwall of reservoirs, construction of spiller’s pipe and firefighting water tanks and the ones. 



Title of project 
1. Civil tasks of seawater reclamation equipment and reservation equipment (first contract) 

2. Remaining civil tasks (2nd contract) 

2.  Anahita Refinery Project


Subject of contract 
Excavation operations and substrate preparation of Anahita Refinery (Kermanshah) on one plot of land with an area over 254 hectares 
3. Kian Petrochemistry

  Subject of contract 

Improvement operations (including dynamic density, static compaction and excavation operations)  of lands of Kian Petrochemistry Company at Phase 2 of Asaluyeh Petrochemical Complex on one plot of land with an area of 82 Hectares 

4. Lavan Chemical Project 
 88  7

Subject of contract 

Improvement operations (including dynamic density, static compaction and excavation operations) of lands of Lavan Chemical Company at Phase 2 of Asaluyeh Petrochemical Complex on one plot of land of 24.5 Hectares 

5. NLG 3100 Project 
 10  9

Subject of contract 

Completion operations of industrial and nonindustrial operations of the project of NGL 3100 Factory subject of mutual contract signed by Oil Industry Engineering and Construction Company (OIEC) as Employer and Rah Gostar Naft Company (RGNC) as Contractor. 


No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran 


Tel: 0098-021-75943                                 Fax : 0098-021-26212382


Central Office

No.81, Taheri Ave. ,Valiasre Ave. ,Tehran ,Iran