1- Viewpoint of management and perspective 

Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors involved in excellence and advancement of any organization is a true belief in constant improvement and planning for realization of this goal. Constant improvement of any organization requires fresh and creative thoughts and ideas, change in attitude toward education, training and excellence of personnel as well as ways of realization of these goals.  We at Naft Gostar Chemical Company consider the major concept of constant improvement as topic of our job and we do believe in the concept of entrepreneurship and development of qualitative and quantitative activities and we do not ignore precise and fundamental education of personnel in this way and consider the major principle of health, safety and environmental protection and we are seeking for constant and sustainable development in this regard. Undoubtedly, what will assist us with realization of our excellent goals is the precise recognition of current demands of oil industry and essential planning to realize these demands. This great goal will be realized by the help of enjoyment of this Company of wised and capable human resources as well as proper hardware facilities. 

It is hoped that in the New Year that is entitled “year of resistive economy, production and employment and by benefiting from updated knowledge and relying on local expertise and capabilities, we will establish suitable grounds for production and employment accordingly. 


2- About us and history 

Naft Gostar Chemical Knowledge-based Company (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1997. As over 80% of shares of the Company belong to Oil Industry Investment Company , Naft Gostar Chemical Company is included among subsidiary companies of Oil Industry Investment Company. Naft Gostar Chemical Company was operated in the middle 1379 (2000) after termination of probationary production periods licensed by Melbury Company of U.K accordingly.   

At the beginning of its activity, this Company has included production of drilling mud additives such as primary and secondary emulsifier and it has been known as the first producer of this material in the nation. 

The aforesaid products that are produced according to standards of technical knowledge and laboratory of South Oilfields National Company are of standard quality to the extent that during the recent ten years, it has been used as standard of South Oilfields National Company laboratory and an index for assessment of quality of similar products. 

Producing suspension compounds simultaneously and in parallel with production and development of drilling products and other additives such as water-based mud emulsifier, anti-corrosion materials, foam materials, drilling antifoam and unique software capabilities and hardware facilities of Naft Gostar Chemical Company at an unreachable distance with other local competitors. Consequently, research-development tests together with designing a formulation for different oil fields and field test of materials in consideration of technical knowledge for producing some bases bought by this Company have been included in agenda of this Company. 

Relying on prementioned capabilities and for operation of hardware and software capability and in order to overcome the dam of world sanctions, Naft Gostar Company is willing to complete the Phase One of the project for suspension breaker materials and adding the complementary production line which has been achieved on the basis of research plans and takes final steps by localizing the production of demulsifiers in the nation. 


3- Research and development 

Concerning the fact that this Company is knowledge based, R & D Unit of the Company has been involved in the following affairs from the beginning of activity to fulfill the following goals: 

1- Promotion of technical knowledge and updating the said knowledge 

2- Localization of technical knowledge and replacement of local materials by using foreign raw materials 

3- Customization of products based on customer’s demands 

4- Design of new products 


4- Control and quality laboratory 

The specific feature that has differentiated this Company from other competitors is its enjoyment of modern reactors and fundamental technical knowledge that provides the grounds for design and production of all products based on the customer’s demands. Moreover, unique quality control system of this Company that controls all production stages from the beginning of arrival of raw materials prior to goods storage step by step based on existing technical knowledge. These controls comprising control of physical, chemical and applicable properties, it guarantees high quality of products. 


5- Production 

This Company is willing to improve the quality and quantity of its strategic products which have been well known as a brand across the nation for a long period. Furthermore, identifying the fundamental demands of industry in the field of chemicals, this Company intends to produce fresh materials by benefiting from modern knowledge of the world that covers a wide range of materials needed at drilling industry, operation and production. 


6- Warehousing and Packaging 

Due to variety of products of this Company, it enjoys highly desirable and sufficient space for warehousing and packaging facilities in different forms of liquid and powder. This Company is also able to supply the customer’s demands based on his/her orders placed. 


7- Major customers 

South Oilfields National Company 

Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) 

Central Oilfields Company of Iran 

National Iranian Drilling Company 

Exploration Management Company 

MI Services Kish Company 

Sepidan Drilling Services Company 

Aharan Drilling Services Company 

Cyrus Kish Engineering and Drilling Services Company 

Pars Drilling Fluids Company 

Sarvak Azar Engineering Company 






Wetting Agent

Oil Mud Conditioner



Stuck Breaker


Corrosion Inhibitors




Gas Scavenger


Ultra lite- weight drilling fluid

Wate- based mud for shale zones


Natural Gum

New lost circulation materials



Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitors


Oxygen Scavenger

H2S Scavenger

Anti Foam


Desalting Demulsifiers

Oil Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

Water Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor

Oil Soluble Neutralizing Amine

Water Soluble Neutralizing Amine

Bio Dispersants


Anti Gas Migration



Fluid Loss Additves

Chemical Wash




Weighting Agent


Friction Reducers

Silica Flour

Corrosion Inhibitors

Multi-Functional Additive


Iron Stabilizer

Diverting Agent

Gelling Agent

Mutual Solvent



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